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  1. #641
    efender Guest
    Do not sync trophies

  2. #642
    yoyoma Guest
    I've heard of people leaving it on for months at a time, some even claim to have never turned it off since buying theirs... if it's anything like a laptop or computer it should be fine, i've had a macbook pro for almost 2 years now and turned off only maybe 10 times since i've bought it.

    I can't remember the last time i've turned my desktop off.. either way, i'm going to try it after the next unban is released... hopefully it works, if it does i'll post it... it might just be the longer term solution we need right now

  3. #643
    kv7shadow Guest
    guys i don't play BO2 anymore, but right now when i used this new unban it said your account is banned, but there is no new email from Sony talking about ban!

    is there any way to create unban (in English of course!) and id?

  4. #644
    Junkoke Guest

  5. #645
    kalaner Guest
    Thanks, but it will be hard for us to keep going on like this, we are running and Sony are chasing us...

    We need a better way to play online, a more secure way to play online, anyway i appreciate all the good work everyone is doing!

  6. #646
    yoyoma Guest
    why doesn't it unban all accounts? i had to make a new account. one of mine was unbanned and the other stayed banned

  7. #647
    lucky7755 Guest
    yea, they usually come and go before i even go to use them lol

  8. #648
    justev Guest
    I have been using a id with psid all week and so far so good,Sadly using unbanned 2 of my accounts got banned I dont play Blops 2 or online games.

    I sync with psn every so often,so the rumors about its just Blops 2 don't hold much. If you even try login to black ops 2 servers its pretty much a instant account ban. If sign in on CFW then its luck of the draw.

  9. #649
    lucky7755 Guest
    that means the account was banned too

    i posted a guide here also: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...de-125719.html

  10. #650
    Junkoke Guest
    Dev's of scene ps3 find and decrypt algorithm and they make a generator of id console.

    But is so dificult

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