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    Jan 2013
    hunh... you might be on to something there

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    lol what you mean

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    Jan 2013
    if i can get another unban that works for me I'm going to try to, instead of like normal shutting my ps3 off after i'm done playing, leave myself signed on and simply leave the PS3 in standby mode. If the only time people get banned is when they sign off then if we never sign off we can basically stay unbanned for as long as we don't sign off

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    That is an insane idea my friend your ps3 will get overheated and die i believe

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    I think sony download the pkg and them take the id them patch ps unban need some security for psunban to go to psn with hidden id.

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    can someone clarify i've got a ylod console here can i make my own unban using the serial no on the back of that console i didn't think it was easy as that. can anyone point me to a eng for for a newb to try i'm on 430 rogero thanks

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    Jan 2013
    No I don't think you can find a console_id with the serial on the console's white sticker that would be too easy man.

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    yea, bo2 will get you fast, but id say sont is cracking down on a lot more now

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    This is not Black ops 2... Well... I don't know.

    I just sync my trophy and boum

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    the leaving your ps3 on in standby idea wouldnt overheat your console no, it runs hotter when ur actually doing things like playing games, when your doing nothing would stay cooler, but ps3's crash every so often

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