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  1. #621
    ddlp Guest
    checked 0.72, doesn't work on mine. 4.30 Rogero

  2. #622
    Junkoke Guest
    You need a new account

    3.55 version: http://www.mediafire.com/?erwkrr680orzz4u

    4.21+ version: http://www.mediafire.com/?gtabr7gs3ggasv5

    Unban 0.72 works actually

  3. #623
    kv7shadow Guest
    Bro could you please tell me how we can find new IDs and also how to create this app?

    Cause some are ruining this, by playing BO2!

  4. #624
    lucky1 Guest
    it works. then is your account banned

  5. #625
    spyrog2670 Guest
    working version 0.72 is working as of now

  6. #626
    TheZak Guest

    Just tried all psunban on rogero 4.30 none works . All cuz of this godamn BO2 --'

  7. #627
    Junkoke Guest
    It more work for me !!

  8. #628
    The departed Guest
    Don't work now !! 0.72 is patched

  9. #629
    Imz94 Guest
    Junkoke How is the bar code at the back of your PS3 the console I.D? That's just the serial number. Plus, we're trying to find out how to find console ID's on broken PS3's. Also PSID only works on CFW. That's not relevant.

  10. #630
    spyrog2670 Guest
    Still working for me perhaps it is because i have not logged of since lol

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