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    Working 4.30-

    btw i had a new account private id and still got ban psn acct and all sony aint playing with yall my ps3 will never have a unban installed again.

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    sony must not just be banning the console id anymore, which is the only thing unban changes, and must be hounding checking people out a lot more, you would think they'd have something better to do

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    you have to think if i had a private id and got banned only 1 person was able to get banned from that id ME so a public id used by many only 1 unluck user will get banned witch still isnt cool in my book.

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    just tried this and it does NOT work for me... 4.30 2.05 rogero... sony is on it!

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    yea i sign in synced trophies sign out deleted the app done with it i got my ofw for games cfw for movies etc.

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    Hello ! Take this

    This is 0.72 Unban

    It work for me actually ! I'm on rogero 4.30, 2.03 version !

    Enjoy !!

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    Isn't there a 3.55 version?!?! Lol

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    Dont work ! I'm on rogero 4.30, 2.05 version !

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    One hour ago, it work for me !

    I'm on restorant now.

    Maybe It's patched now ? I don't know... When i have other news on this unban i posted it here

    Sry for my bad english... I'm french

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    it's working you need a new psn acc

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