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  1. #601
    frenzykiller909 Guest
    Hey rick i am new at ps4news.com i can test the v.069 right now, could you send to me? thnx!

  2. #602
    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Chaos air bringer works only on rebug 3.55 to change mac address

  3. #603
    SuperWish Guest
    Guys, is there a way to make homebrew so u can LOCK games out like black ops, some sort of security??

    btw, i like a private version 2

  4. #604
    smgchosen Guest
    PS UNBAN 0.69 is dead! Sony found system for ban ID immediately... bad news...

  5. #605
    arman Guest
    Hey man i just got banned today can anyone help me get the console unbanned ? thanks

  6. #606
    smgchosen Guest
    console id isn't mac adress. same if you can change your mac adress you will be always banned to PSN.

  7. #607
    efender Guest
    I think there is still hope and change mac address is not essential if you use another id console and id psn so log to the question.

  8. #608
    Convert Guest
    change mac adress will not working since sony add 2 more secuirity steps, if these 2 steps run false you don't have acses to the psn

    also i think sony finds out how this homebrew works and 0x00 the creator say that he will not working on the homebrew because of deneo

  9. #609
    kiki1234 Guest
    I have two Ps3 with Ylod here. Is it possible to get the console id from nor or nand Backup?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Removed 50+ more replies and issued several infractions... guys please follow the clear rules when posting here and the main article has been updated as well.

    We do NOT allow any e-mails or IMs on the Forum at all, all contact information must only be added to your profiles.

    Also do not attempt to abuse this public discussion thread by offering private versions, that is NOT the intended purpose of this thread as we do not wish to sift through tons of posts asking for files you can link to or attach to the forum.

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