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    Jan 2011
    If one would like to give me console id, so i can make a new ps_unban it would be nice

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    Convert - i have a couple dumps from personal ps3s from a couple modding friends. I would be happy to share but I would prefer to do it privately. I really don't want our IDs to be abused.

    Jazzl2 - there is instructions in this thread that tell you where to find the console id from your dumps.

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    Jan 2011
    cool would you liek to give me a dump or console id? ^^ and did you know if any version of ps_unban works for now?

    i don't have a second ps3 so i cant make a dump -.-
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    testing new unban pkg now, be back with results.

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    who cares just use xlink kia till its fixed plaus plp can play mods if they want no bans

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    I found PS unban v0.69 from a different country. 4.21 4.30 3.55
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    Apr 2012
    So I guess PS unban v0.69 i not working too!

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    Apr 2012
    I hear you Pete what you saying, you have the right to what ever you want with your IDs, so i hope you consider who you give to so it will not get banned after a short time.

    Let me know maybe i can help. I hope i get a link too. Good luck!!!

    Does it work?, i think it is banned too!!!
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    i hope to get something too please


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    but is it patched?

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