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    BluRay Guest
    There is something I want to understand, when I use this, sony won't be able to see my Console ID? But won't they still be able to ban my PSN account? If that's the case, wouldn't having an undetectable Console ID actually make It more obvious you're on CFW and end up increasing the chance of getting the account banned?

  2. #52
    0x00 Guest
    I'm not sure, maybe use empty psn account just in case.

    Download: PS_Unban v0.2 (3.55)


  3. #53
    BluRay Guest
    I actually don't mind much my PSN account getting banned as it's easier to create a new one than unbanning the PS3, I asked mostly because of curiosity, sorry If I sounded ungrateful.

  4. #54
    djp4cm4n Guest
    Hey 0x00 i get these pictures and im on CFW 4.31 what can i do?

  5. #55
    0x00 Guest
    Make sure your not using 3.55 bin, I have a feeling there is an issue with the Iopad include in PSL1ght, which is also causing blackscreens, i'll solve it in a day or two.


  6. #56
    djp4cm4n Guest
    how can i check that... sorry a bit of a noob....

  7. #57
    d1m4s Guest
    The pkg you just updated for 4.30 it's not working here. Just tested 0x00

  8. #58
    0x00 Guest
    How is it not working? Blackscreen? Won't sign in? etc.


  9. #59
    d1m4s Guest
    Blackscreen only buddy

  10. #60
    djp4cm4n Guest
    I'm going to put Rogeros CEX CFW on a Flash USB and press the Start and Select buttons... and i'll see what happens...

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