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  1. #581
    RickJames420 Guest
    Could someone give a tutorial on how to alter unban for individual use with HxD Hex Editor? I'd really appreciate it. Then I could just build my own. Thank you.

  2. #582
    RickJames420 Guest
    I'm contacting some people in the PS3 repair service to see if they have legit psid's, console id's from dismantled PS3's. If I get some, could I use it with psid patcher and enter the id's via the psid.text and consoleid.text option? Thanks.

  3. #583
    onetonPete Guest
    We are building a pkg right now as we speak with a good ID, but we got stuck. we have eboot.bin and self. try to repack pkg and it asks for config. config asks for pkg, whats wrong?

  4. #584
    RickJames420 Guest
    The reason I ask is I'm new to this but I learn fast...even through my mistakes.I can admit that I've played BO2 online with an earlier version of unban without knowing about the dangers of online play....but I've learned through the help of others here what to do and not to do when connect online.I can happily say that I've deleted all my BOps games until a sure fix comes out.
    I hope a fix comes out soon.

    Are you using HxD Hex Editor?

  5. #585
    onetonPete Guest
    we are using the pkg toolkit. so close yet so far. we got through creating the new eboots w new id but stuck at repacking.

  6. #586
    RickJames420 Guest
    Are you having the SCETOOL error?

  7. #587
    onetonPete Guest
    no errors just when click on build pkg it asks for config.

  8. #588
    RickJames420 Guest
    Creating PKG:

    1. Use the sample folder as a reference (ABCD12345).
    - Rename folder using the same Title ID of homebrew, follow guide below (XXXXYYYYY).
    Content ID - UP0001-XXXXYYYYY_00-0000111122223333
    Change XXXX and YYYYY to Title ID of homebrew (Game ID's look like this - BLUS 12345).

    2. Place the EBOOT.BIN created in step 1 into USRDIR.

    3. Place all other files into the main PKG directory (should be the folder created in step 2.1).
    - Files can include ICON0.PNG, ICON1.PAM, PIC1.PNG, SND0.AT3 etc.

    4. Edit PARAM.SFO in same directory with Title ID, Title, App Version, Data Type etc. of homebrew.

    5. Edit or create a new package.conf following the sample file provided.
    - You can rename it the same as the Title ID of homebrew.

    6. Select input folder created in previous steps (ie.ABCD12345/XXXXYYYYY).

    7. Select the config file created in step 5.

    8. Make sure the Content ID under Build PKG matches the one set in your package.conf file.

    9. Click Build.

  9. #589
    Convert Guest
    if anybody will give me a valid console id i will do a new psn_unban in 5min

  10. #590
    RickJames420 Guest
    Your welcome. I hope it helps.

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