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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    RickJames420 Guest
    Hi everyone. I'm new here... but I've been around the scene for about two years now.

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    MrHolyFTW Guest
    It says when this one gets patched which it has to not lose hope because he has more...All the previous version have been to all members so stop saying he will only release it to a selected few... Just give him some time to create a new one and to release it... Just be patient

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    scott7seven Guest
    sony's clamping down and getting anyone on treyarch now, so what you used to get away with for awhile in games like black ops, your flagged right away almost, so yea, black ops and treyarch are the biggest reason next to the people that jump on the servers, that unban is gone so fast

    how many do you think he has, and at what point to you think he stops giving them away to get banned in an hour, yea theres other ways to get banned, and always a chance, but treyarch is a definate flag and bann with cfw

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    Yngwie75 Guest
    Play COD LAN games through XLink Kai. Don't use PSN.

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    efender Guest
    please send me a link to the new un_ban I do not play BO2 ...

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    warlock1986 Guest
    it don't matter if its ops more the fact is plp still get banned with no homebrew loaded so how does any1 know if its ops or not like i say i had no games or homebrew installed so explain that you geniuses everyone's all quick to blam ops yes there is some part of it but its happening all ways not just 1 so don't just blame those that mod zombies coz its you to that's getting banned homebrew or not .

    so you want to blame someone we all need to find the real reason and bypass patch it or what ever but warning if it does get bypassed there will be 90% of plp opposing it modding left right and center but hey that's the intelligence of people better off sticking with link kai that has no users on at the min.

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    cwaniak75 Guest
    when will the new unban be out?

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    Apr 2005


    I just deleted about 20 posts, issued a few infractions, etc. Guys please follow our clear rules when posting here, including absolutely no profanity/swearing/cussing/flaming/trolling/etc.

    Also those of you who are repeating the same thing over and over about how it's useless to keep updating the new IDs daily, please go elsewhere or you will be next.

    The Admins of this site do not play PS3 online nor do we care if new IDs are posted daily or hourly and stop working shortly afterwards at all as it keeps our forum discussion active. Those who do not comprehend this, please move on or we will just issue an infraction as you have been warned.

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    stvnwk11 Guest
    Can you post these id? I'm not a cheat I swear!

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    SuperWishi Guest
    Hi, how do i re-pack a pkg file? after i extracted i get EBOOT.BIN and EBOOT.SELF. I only have to EDIT EBOOT.SELF Right??

    so when i'm done with that how do i repack the files to a PKG again??

    And, how do i extract a console id from a valid ps3 OFW?

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