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    Banned User Smokefingers's Avatar
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    Not Yet?

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  4. #564
    Can you please upload it to mediafire so we can also test it ?

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    It seems to me it is 6 and last ps_unban and it is not working if that is what i believe.

    Please keep in mind try it yourself before you share it so we know if it is working!!!

  6. #566
    I know everyone says to stay of BO2 servers but look at it this way regardless if your playing BO2 or not all of these versions of ps_unban is being released for the public and when more than one person using the same exact console id that's what causes the ban its not totally BO2 its Sony's doing!

  7. #567
    Its better to use the latest version of Psid that works with Rebug\Rogero 4.21+, with a personal Console Id.txt

    And your able to get online. No worries about 1000's and then some using the same console id

  8. #568
    We need a valid console id for this and is very very difficult to find one.

  9. #569
    I never played bo2 or any game online i sync trophies and i get off was banned today.

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    Welcome to the club...


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