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  1. #541
    oooweee Guest
    scroll back a few pages

  2. #542
    bertr2012 Guest
    That link doesn't work anymore...for ps unban 0.6

    Could someone post a working link for ps unban 0.6 4.21 4.30? Thanks!!

  3. #543
    kalaner Guest
    Reupload for you!!!


  4. #544
    furoowhd Guest
    3.55 unban now?

  5. #545
    Neo2003 Guest
    Ps3 Unban v0.5 and v.0.6 are not still working on Rogero 4.30 v2.05.

    Are anyone be able to go online in the PSN?

    Is there a new version of Ps_Unban?

  6. #546
    scott7seven Guest
    that version doesnt work, tested with a new id and psn

  7. #547
    MrHolyFTW Guest
    Can anyone send me a link to a working PS_Unban for 3.55fw?

  8. #548
    onetonPete Guest
    I am going out with my wife tonight so I won't be able to finish the private unban pkg tonight but tomorrow I will be sending some stuff to admins.

  9. #549
    MrHolyFTW Guest
    I dont host on bop2 I just need the unban for hosting mw3 xp lobbies

  10. #550
    lzyslckr Guest
    So started up Multiman and Boom, ban.

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