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  1. #531
    onetonPete Guest
    new dumps coming and a private version of the tool is being made. I know I am new here, so I don't know who to share it with. admin please pm me so I can figure out what to do with the info we put together.

  2. #532
    jmas Guest
    my just got banned again , what is the newest one released

  3. #533
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Send PM with the tool & the link to PS3 News

  4. #534
    jmas Guest
    how can i receive one?

  5. #535
    oooweee Guest
    ps unban 0.6 still working for me, just signed in. 4.30 rogero 2.05

  6. #536
    kalaner Guest
    Is your ps3 already banned?

  7. #537
    oooweee Guest
    that's what I said! I logged into the forum to see what people were saying because I only signed in to try the unbar 0.6 last night and everyone said they got banned, but I tried it anyway and I'm online right now... still!

    yeah, my original ID was banned so I use this hack to go back online...and it's working for me! usually mine stops when everyone else gets banned.

  8. #538
    Yngwie75 Guest
    I confirm with version 0.6 i can login to my USA based PSN accounts but i can't login to Japan or European based PSN accounts

  9. #539
    kalaner Guest
    Good for you man, see if you find more valuable info if there is any!

  10. #540
    onetonPete Guest
    anyone got links to v06. I would like to play while I wait for my dumps.

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