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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    daing Guest
    i hope for a permanent unban xp

    still no new update...

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    SuperWishi Guest
    Guys, we need a program homebrew that lock out homebrew and/or Treyach servers while using PS_Unban.

    Something like this: That you only can open ps_unban if dont have homebrew on, that if you logged in with Ps_unban with someone else id that it will log out from the momemt you'll start a Call of duty game (cause thats the biggest danger).

    So if someone can make a program that will only run in 'safe' enviroment then we will have much more provit. Cause there will be always a dog that ignore our warnings!

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    tao1989 Guest
    yesterday i find a unban, today it was patched again.. whu do people need to use it one bo2? you will get banned after 1 round anyway

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    kalaner Guest
    They act just like Zompie!!!

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    kv7shadow Guest
    It's too funny! i don't have BO2, but i've banned!! Now where can I find a new id? And how can I change it? Cause I don't play BO2, but some play it and i gets banned so soon!

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    scott7seven Guest
    treyarch and sony have always been married in a sick way, so yea, i'd say you dont get away with it at all now in games like black ops, tho there are plenty of others using treyarch, if using their servers you will be banned... but someone said something awhile back that makes me think, is sony following these forums, downloading the new versions, and banning the console id from each unban?

    the people that kept posting things like... bo isn't illegal, i'll play it if i want cause will always be another unban, are who you have to thank for this, they made the unbans go fast till was really big in forums, and led sony's attention to it if they are here downloading it and banning... lol, its the japs and pearl harbor all over again

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    warlock1986 Guest
    ID 0000000100870005100aBEEFCAFECAEE000000000000000000 00000000000000

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    onetonPete Guest
    I have friends working on a better solution. For now I think a private ID is needed. Kinda like ninja releases for vbhl on the Vita. trusted people only should receive the ID.

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    kalaner Guest
    Just let me know what should do to show that i really care about this tools this guys do and i never been playing shooting game because i am more of a sport game player.

    BTW. my console is banned because i logged on with CFW 4.30, so it really means a lot who could make a new one and hope you can consider SuperWishi suggestions if it is possible!

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    warlock1986 Guest
    does it realy matter for the min, the min so i was only providing an ID off Old messed up console for quick fix leave the rest to real deals ext if any more i will continue to post so sum1 can fix have a few more consoles to grab from so it dont matter it wont harm any1 as consoles wont be used again only for spare parts

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