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  1. #511
    seance765 Guest

    Is there a way to unban my PSN account?

  2. #512
    StanSmith Guest
    Yep, Take Sony to court.

  3. #513
    credentialz Guest
    someone need to implement a randomizer at boot

    stick your left hand thumb in your ear your right hand thumb in your mouth then try to clap 3 times

  4. #514
    Clipper1097 Guest

    ps unban

    Hey I got banned for playing black ops 2 on 4.30 cfw im new to it just got the ps3 and i keep trying to use the unbann that are coming out but they are getting banned just as fast as their coming out cause people still decide to play bo2 after it banned them i dont want to play bo2 and i was wondering if i gave you a fresh console id if you could make me a private ps unban if not i understand i just aint that good at doing that kind of stuff and i seen your post about how to do it so if you could let me know that would be great thanks

  5. #515
    rolandi Guest
    thanks bro

  6. #516
    Buchik Guest
    version 0.6 doesnt work anymore... (rogero 4.31 v2.5) next one

  7. #517
    kalaner Guest
    now the online is over!!!

  8. #518
    Imz94 Guest
    Is the Console I.D found at the back of you PS3? The bar code? If it is then I have another one that I can you guys.

    Is the Console I.D found at the back of your PS3? The bar code with a white sticker? If it is then I have another one that I can give you guys to mod so you can make another PS Unban.

  9. #519
    yoyoma Guest
    Someone needs to find a permanent, or at least longer lasting solution. I understand this is easier said that done but I suggest, like others have, to forget these unbans that only last a day and try to work on a longer term solution, even if it takes some time. I think all of us here are grateful to the people uploading these unbans, and I think we can all sacrifice some online time until they can work on a new solution to all this. PS... screw sony and their never ending quest to stop pirating -_-

  10. #520
    brunoherrman Guest
    Already haves a newest version?

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