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    mine is messed up also

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    It works fine with me

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    Quote Originally Posted by erjoseka View Post
    New version
    I was able to get it to work rogero 4.30 v1 with the above links

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    The PSN version of ps_Unban work for me on Rogero 4.30 v2.05.

    Thanks guys!!!!

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    Blocked again

    It has been shut down again. People laying the blame on back ops are a bit naive as people should realise that now sony are simply downloading the unban tools and blocking the id the tool is using.

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    no crap huh...

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    you may have something there lol.. black ops servers will get you banned, but as quick as its happening, they may be doing what your saying

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    well it seems that this is not the way to do it. How do I make my own ps unban? I have a legit ps3 id from another ps3, how do i get it in a tool like this? please answer this question. A lot people have to know

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    modify the ELF and put another Console ID should we open the EBOOTv2.ELF with any hex editor such as e.g. WinHex

    Once you have opened the EBOOTv2.ELF with the editor exadecimal have to go to the Offsets 001AA890 if we look at it in hex or 01747088 if we look at it in decimal.

    Once we are well situated we see a set of 32 digits consisting of numbers and letters, that is the Console ID to modify it just have to change the console id with the new that we want him to put.

    I forgot to add that you must first extract the psunban pkg with pkg viewer and then u must decrypt the EBOOT.BIN file so you have a eboot.elf once that is completed you can then go on to the next steps to changing the console id.

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