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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    spyro2670 Guest
    I didn't do anything wrong. It worked for me the first time but now i get error 8002a227.

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    BluRay Guest
    Are you running the pkg everytime you boot your PS3?

    This is PSN account ban included or ya think they still ban that even without the Console ID?

    EDIT: btw, spyro, you know you have to create another PSN account after getting banned right?

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    sykesvr6 Guest
    it happened to me was fine 2hrs ago now same error as you its not account ban because i can sign in on ofw ps3

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    BluRay Guest
    Yeah, seems like this has been patched already.

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    jmas Guest
    does it work with cfw rogero 4.31?

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    kalberto Guest
    with the higher risks, I wont using CFW or using the patch to sign in PSN.

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    BluRay Guest
    Why? If you don't use PSN often then getting banned won't make a difference. I've been using PSN everyday, I'm usually not a big fan of It as I tend to prefer offline so I don't really give a damn about getting banned. If I do, there are reliable ways of getting unbanned anyway.

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    MiNDTH3G4P Guest
    i've just seen this thread and went to tried it but unfortunately 3.55 ver not working.. new release any time soon for 3.55 ?

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    StanSmith Guest
    Its no longer working. Last night it worked fine but today it just won't unban my console.

    I've checked my account and its not banned as I can log in on the PC but the PS3 isn't letting me log in anymore.

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    0x00 Guest
    Updated, fixed.

    Now supports rogero 4.30.

    Download: PS_Unban v0.2


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