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  1. #471
    pokess Guest
    That's really weird. What I've to do to not be flagged ?

    I turn my ps3 then :

    -Install Packages
    -Select to go to MM Stealth to launch my backup
    -Then Deneo + Square
    -When i'm in the game, I'm connect myself to the PSN.

    What is wrong with this ? If I was the problem i really don't want to be for the future.

    I already made another account, but Deneo don't work anymore on my console, any solutions ?

  2. #472
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I have updated the links in the main article now for those using the PS_Unban application.

    We will post a new article on it once a week or so, but as the updates are near daily any incremental ones will be added to the last article update.

  3. #473
    scott7seven Guest
    its come to the point i think people aren't gonna want to post where working ones are, because the ones that are really well known, get banned in days now, or a day, cause people jump right back onto doing things that get sony to flag the id, i know its not everyone, but bet a fair share jump right back on black ops, or tryarch servers, or cheat like hell and mod.

    guess it will take not being to able get on psn anymore before they realize they shouldn't of kept punching a gift horse in the mouth... my main id isn't banned, and i have another id i could share, but like hell i'm gonna put it out there so it gets banned in a day, i only use unban to mask my real id, i guess i'll have to use my spare id to do that now, bet it lasts me months or longer or never gets banned cause i'm pretty careful.

    moral of the story... know what it takes to not break something before you use it and make sure you practice every precaution, or someday carelessness will leave you with nothing more to break.

  4. #474
    yayes Guest
    the new one doesn't work either on REBUG REX 4.21.1 and rogero 4.30 v2.05

  5. #475
    AcIdMaX Guest
    Can any one tell me how to bypass psn so i can log into my netflix ? i don't even care about playing online

  6. #476
    Smokefingers Guest
    the new one doesn't work on rogero 4.30 v2.05

    pls fix

  7. #477
    Steel2skin Guest
    The new one doesn't work on 3.55 Either. Its been patched AGAIN. There Goes me watching netflix tonight. Needs a Fix Plz and TY.

  8. #478
    StanSmith Guest
    I've tried both the latest versions and neither work.
    I really needed to get online to test out this online only game.... Oh well maybe next time.

  9. #479
    go4 Guest
    Tested, working. Square 4.30, X 4.21, O 3.55.


  10. #480
    saavv Guest
    tested and is not working.

    is there anyone who has a link for me to unban my console please?

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