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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    scott7seven Guest
    if you have your own unbanned valid console ID i will make you a private way at no charge to get unbanned, including a easy way to change that id yourself, and use a different one, if you get it banned, so you dont have to depend on other people making this program for you...

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    jazzl2 Guest
    hallo guys, i was wondering is there a way to get console id from a ofw 4.30 nor dump??

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    RFLDSC Guest
    The Unbanner no longer works, seems that sony will never leave us alone drug hope some kind soul make personal PSN back again with an update

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    yigal33 Guest

    i do the new patch

    and now the psn is working but all my dlc and online pass not working

    what to do?

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    lucky1 Guest
    Hi, first Thanks it works perfectly.

    I think the developer should integrate the PS UNBAN Tool in the manager.

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    saavv Guest
    please can some one give me a new unban fix? because the new one is not working

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    sortudo99 Guest
    I have an account on the psn unban works and I have another that unban not working. know tell me a solution please?

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    scott7seven Guest
    still works for me

    if its not working on a certain account anymore, it won't, that accounts been banned, not just your console id, and if you actually got your account banned, means your doing everything that's getting unban banned so fast for everyone that's careful

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    pokess Guest
    Hi everyone. I used Deneo PSunban since my ps3 got banned. I downloaded and used the newest version for few hours but i just got banned again two hours ago, my ps3 and my account

    First of all : Why ? I didn't do something wrong and it seems like a lot of deneo's users can still plays. And : I thought that with this homebrew your account cannot get banned, so that was untrue ?

    So, do you know if a new version is available or if I fix my problem ? Do you know how to avoid a ban for my sen/psn account ?

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    scott7seven Guest
    unaban only unbans your console id with a new one, it wont unban your psn account, only way to unban your actual account is get sony to, i seriously doubt they will, your only choice really is to make another account or use a unbanned one u may have

    if you got that account banned while using unban, it means your the one that was doing whatever it took for sony to flag that id, or at least one of the people, sony only bans one account per console id as i understand it

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