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    Not working. All was well before I went to bed, this morning, I am banned again. I hope this is not happening because people can't stay away from BO2. I really hope Sony has not figured out a way to completely stop this.

    PS. I am on rex 4.21.
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    Everyone who uses the unban tool can't play online. Probably because some dumheads has used the BO2 modifier and messed it up for us

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    Well luckely its not me only facing the problem, I didn't play BO2 anymore since I got first banned, but still people do it I guess... It was better at the time you couldn't play BO2 in at all, before the 1.04 update.

    Hopefully this tool gets updated again

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    Please update this becuz it doesn't work !

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    I remember the guy posting the 2nd unban firmware after the worst one was banned saying that he had plenty more after that one got banned... i hope he comes back soon!

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    Thanks it works!

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    25 thats what i call service...!

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    Update 2- Another New Console ID

    Download for 3.55- PS_Unban For 3.55:
    Download For 4.21/4.30- PS_Unban For 4.21/4.30:

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