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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    erjoseka Guest
    thanks ~0x00 MP

    Deneo loses

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    wojnos Guest
    Well i post it now Posted by xSonoro :

    How to use

    So, you can simply add it to PS_Unban package (by 0x00) doing the next steps:
    • Unpack Ps_unban's pkg using pkgview or pkg toolkit
    • Unself the EBOOT.BIN file inside USRDIR , using scetool (in cmd: scetool -d EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.ELF)
    • Open the EBOOT.ELF file in HxD and go to offset: 0x1AA8B0 and paste write (ctrl+b) firsts 16 numbers of the console id.
    • In HxD, go to offset 0x1AA898 and paste write (ctrl+b) the remaining part of the consoleid.
    • Save your EBOOT and self it back, then pack the pkg.

    All credits for Ps_unban go to 0x00 -

    ... no need pay for private ver. make it self

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    Osirisx Guest
    thanks for the update, that's pretty bad for some one who has never hacked there console before. this type of thing shouldn't be allowed.

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    Convert Guest
    0X00 why do you think it's bad what deneo did?

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    Varrasco Guest
    If i use CFW but play original games online do I get banned?

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    scott7seven Guest
    i've heard there is less of a chance, but yea, as long as ur using cfw and sony finds out, they will ban you... best ways to flag youself for bann- use homebrew while signed into psn or with internet enabled- play blackops games, or any game using treyarch servers- use cheats in games or mods- play early releases.

    stay away from those things and your chances decrease considerably, sony can always tell you are using cfw no matter what you do, but if you do things to get yourself flagged, thats when they will check you out and ban you

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    afzoo3news Guest
    That's all pretty great advise. I would add that its worth creating a seperate PSN account especially for CFW. And to run this program (then PS_ninja) before logging in will also hide your real (original) console_id. So preventing your OFW accounts from being at risk to some future ban.

    It's hard to know what infos Sony are using to identify CFW users. Since the CFW 4.30 is mostly the same as the OFW 4.30, you can only imagine if it's not app logs / homebrew apps activity then its filesystem, or a test for the hacked syscalls / peek/poke etc. patches, or the 3.55 keys signing of the CFW. Gotta to be one of those! (since there's not really anything else).

    But for sure it can only be in data packets sent back to Sony servers from your console. TCP dumps are easily grabbable in ethereal/wireshark. As to whether you really see anything obvious from a side-by-side comparison. I don't yet know. But here's the recipe:
    • Check your OFW console. Ensure it is on 4.30 OFW.
    • Hook it up through your PC on the LAN (local LAN proxy), enter in the PS3's network settings window.
    • Take TCP dumps in wireshark, all of the PS3 whilst its connecting to PSN, and also many other common situations.
    • Downgrade your console and then install Rogero 4.30 CFW.
    • Install or update Multiman Stealth.
    • Run PS_Unban to hide your real console_id, and register a new PSN account for this CFW testing.
    • Take more TCP dumps. Again, with as many situations / scenarios as you can possibly think of.
    • Uninstall Multiman Stealth, or overwrite it to Multiman Standard (keep going if you have not been banned yet).
    • Take more TCP dumps.
    • Compare all these 2-3 sets of many TCP dumps. Scrutinizing the differences. Give yourself a huge headache.
    • Good idea to Search/Replace the first set of TCP dumps (the OFW ones) to obscure your real console_id.
    • Publish TCP dumps in public and tell others. (who has done this yet for 4.30? No one? Why?).
    • Hope that more accomplished people than your good self (or gurus) out of the kindness of their heart can see what's really going on.

    And finally:
    • Once Sony to release their next OFW update, then go back to rinse/repeat cycle the whole process again from the very beginning.
    • It is possible to reset your PS3 back to OFW again, but only if you didn't reveal your original console_id (or somehow got another one), and have a hardware flasher permanently installed.

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    scott7seven Guest
    i'm not sure mm stealth does much of anything... what does ninja do??

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    murieljones5 Guest
    If it gets fixed i'll patch it a few times.

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    Mbb Guest
    Is there any version which works right now? Yesterday it was no problem to go online but now they stopped working, anyone else got this problem?

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