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    Thank you so much for posting this reference. Unfortunately these stoker links for 1.5 & 1.6 that you are directing me to don't work:

    I just get a blank screen.

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    Jan 2011
    you need 3.55 kmeaw or rebug to get the psid patch working

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    Okay, Thanks the both of you. I have managed to find and download the PSID Patch 1.6 sources. This is great!

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    Could you send me the link for the private one?

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    Jan 2011
    i mean i can do a private one if you give me valid console id

    With a legit console id e.g yours i can do a unban only for you, with your console id

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    May 2010
    Just post tutorial - how to fix - put, different PSID, consoleID to psunban, if you know how, instead ask someone for clean ID , mate.

    it's obvious...

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    Does this version work on rebug 4.30.1?

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    just try it and see. it wont hurt anything

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    Jan 2011
    will tell it in a few days (but the problem if i will tell it, all peoples will do ps_unbans and there will be none for other users)

    So this is the problem

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    Nov 2012
    In too say that the only reason I stopped updating this, was because of the deneo rip off.

    Anyone wants 4.31 version PM me.


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