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  1. #421
    scott7seven Guest
    i think a lot of these come from bricked and broken, maybe returns who knows... would be hard to actually get a users console id without seeing their console to get the id, its not a short group of numbers to randomly get someones, would be like cracking a pretty complicated safe

  2. #422
    afzoo3news Guest
    Can you please send me the source code for this application? (if any). I would like to change the way it works slightly. So as to avoid the button press (which is not necessary) and allow this thing to run automatically at system startup / boot time.

    It's a simple request.

    However has been very difficult to get hold of the other guy (deneo24) - or he is too overwhelmed to consider this.

  3. #423
    go4 Guest


    Not overwhelmed, he doesn't have it. And Nullbytes work(#!) is pretty much all(99.9) sourced here -> http://www.ps4news.com/PS3-Hacks/PSI...ID-Sent-to-PSN

    Ver.1.6 has the source. Conid offsets for 3.55+ are floating around, or just make the dumps and find the offsets using your conid as a reference. Cheers

  4. #424
    spewfr Guest
    That's scary o.o

  5. #425
    arsalanevil2012 Guest
    i used rebug 4.30 is it working???

  6. #426
    Mohnews Guest
    For the love of God can you make a fix for DEX CFW please ???

  7. #427
    Convert Guest
    So sorry if many of us can't install my version at this point it's useless to fix it for because there are a few other versions of ps unban
    But i swear if sonny will ban the currennt console id, i will reupload a new version. So sorry again

    i think i fix it: http://www.mediafire.com/?7jkuw8ufrd58gyr

    yea man you're right.

    we don't have the source code we only change the console id, to allow other people can enjoy the psn.

  8. #428
    Convert Guest
    i will try it

    the problem is i dont have a dex console to test it

  9. #429
    afzoo3news Guest
    Maybe we can run it through a Dissassembler. PS3=Cell=PPC architecture. So there should be a way to generate PPC asm from the binary.

  10. #430
    Convert Guest
    you don't need this i'm pretty sure this homebrew is based /or working exactly like PSID Patch.

    So maybe you can use the source code of PSID Patch 1.6

    For private ps_unban pm me.

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