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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    Convert Guest
    ok sry i must reupload it

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    richboi78 Guest
    Is there a PS UNBAN version that still works with KMEAW CFW 3.55. I keep getting this error: (8002A227)

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    jackkiej Guest
    not working anymore

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    daivyphuong Guest
    Unban 19/1/2012 Password- DeneoNGU

    The new version:

    Download for 3.55- PS_Unban For 3.55

    Download For 4.21/4.30- PS_Unban For 4.21/4.30

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    scott7seven Guest
    Thank you to the creators... it works on 2.05, just tried it. i use this on my 2nd ps3 my nephew uses, its been banned...

    my main ps3 never has been banned that i use, i'm careful not to go on black ops games or any treyarch servers... i dont start up or shut down with internet enabled, i never run homebrew with internet enabled, i sign out of psn and disable internet as soon as im done with psn... i don't use cheats... i'm online a lot with this ps3 and i've never been banned.

    you can say someones gonna get unbanned banned anyway, so your gonna do what you want and not be careful, and this version wont last long, you can say well will always be another version, but i'd say sooner or later they will run out of console id's they want to give away.

    i think being careful on my main ps3 and never being banned proves careful helps a lot, if the id gets flagged by sony, your gonna get banned, stay away from things that get you flagged, your chances are a lot better of not not getting banned that way. i'd run this program when you start up your ps3 even before you enable internet... just sharing what i know cause someday i may really need this little tool for my main and the versions aren't lasting like they should.

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    djparselis Guest
    Man I freaking love you! Thanks for that link !

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    richboi78 Guest
    This works great with 3.55 Thanks

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    mahidi Guest
    TNX a looot. You are a GOD!!

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    Osirisx Guest
    so does this mean that someone who got banned from PSN could take any random console id and potentially get a legit user who's never hacked there console banned ?

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    technodon Guest

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