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    Banned User scott7seven's Avatar
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    when someone gives you something useful, and you say your gonna abuse it anyway, cause you think someone else already is, kind of kills it for everyone, i'm sure if the creator sees attitudes like "im gonna do whats gonna get ur creation banned again anyway", he will stop creating it.

    My main ps3 isnt banned, and i have other ways to unban, so i don't care really, but i still wont ruin it for everyone else, yea its made for everyone, so you should respect that and not ruin it for everyone... maybe when your without psn period you'll wish you had some respect for things

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    Hi, tried to play FIFA online using this, but it doesn't work. I'm NOT gonna play BLOPS2, I just want to be able to play FIFA online..

    Is there a reason as to why this doesn't work for me? I'm on Rebug 4.21, DEX mode.

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    not sure it works with dex, but try making a new id on the ps3 and a new account on the pc, and sin in as existing user

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    the unban is working fine for me, was even able to download edata files and use reactpsn newer version and store let me get all dlc for gt5 free

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    Removed a few posts, issued an infraction... guys, please read the Site Rules as we allow no flaming, trolling, profanity, etc here.

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    Angry ps_Unban v0.3 IS PATCHED

    Sony has Patched. This Tool doesn't work anymore.

    I hope a new tool will be developed.

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    thx man i can unban now

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    Can you unban? How? Show us please.


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