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    0x00 Guest
    What FW? if it's 4.21 make sure you downloaded the UPDATED 4.21 version.


  2. #32
    Brian10122 Guest
    This is.. This is just hilarious. How badly can you fail, Sony? o.o"

  3. #33
    0x00 Guest

    PS-Unban V0.2

    Black Screen Error Fix (?)
    Rogero 4.30 compatability (Untested)
    New logo (credits to Mayimbe17 at NGU)

    (MAKE SURE you delete older version before installing this...)

    Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8545mv


  4. #34
    redman2 Guest

    i wish this working on 4.30 rogero

  5. #35
    VSPROD Guest
    nice for the pkg there always a way to unban the ps3

  6. #36
    m477uk Guest
    if you want some support from me, please fix the black screen issue, i'm Rogero 4.21 v2

  7. #37
    kalaner Guest
    I hope we can make it work on rogero 4.30

  8. #38
    spyro2670 Guest
    It doesn't work anymore for me.. Sony banned console id

  9. #39
    kalaner Guest
    Can you explain little more?

  10. #40
    BluRay Guest
    I'd assume he did something wrong and it didn't work, I really doubt Sony patched this that fast.

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