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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    arsalanevil2012 Guest
    i used rebug 4.30.01 is it work on that

    plz help me to fix my console

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    scott7seven Guest
    i dont think it works on that cfw version

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    ilovehc Guest
    thanks i've tried with my brother's user old account but whein i start BO2 i get this message (google traslated): impossible to complete the registration information on the trophies. the game is finished. (80022D74)

    what should i do?

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    ecw Guest
    You should stop playing BO2. You do know that game is the main reason people are getting banned, right? Why would you keep playing it on CFW? By using this Unban tool and going to BO2 will get this unban patched sooner. Have some respect for the others who use this tool. Don't screw it up by playing BO2. I hope you never get this tool to work for you.

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    ilovehc Guest
    so why other user can use this tool and i can't? we are in the same boat, if i can't use this tool you can't too.

    this is non-sense, this tool is called ps UN-ban for users like me that were banned, so wtf are you saying? this tool preserve user who can get banned AND for users like me that are banned. BO2 is the main reason for getting banned, it's true, but is the only reason why many people plays online on their cfw.

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    scousetomo Guest
    totally agree this will get patched i hope i doesn't work for you as well

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    scott7seven Guest
    yea ilovehc, i'm glad you cant use it cause its people that jump right back on black ops that will be the reason its stops working, i know how you can get it working, but i'm not gonna tell you lol

    Important... just as important as staying away from treyarch.... don't ever have any homebrew running or use any homebrew while signed into psn... if possible not even while internet is enabled... i run this as soon as starting up then enable internet, then disable internet before shutting down the ps3

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    ilovehc Guest
    well at this point don't open unban topics anymore if this is your philosophy about being a ps3 hacks community that don't help users with such problems

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    scott7seven Guest
    we will all remember you told us not to

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    some utter Guest
    He has already said in the past this app isn't for nefarious use, but playing black ops 2 isn't against the law, No problem then, I for one will play it.

    Because someone has already used this with hacks , it will get banned anyway.

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