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    It worked man !! Thanx a lot!!!

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    Anyone have any mirrors we can grab these from?

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    Apr 2005


    I mirrored the last 7 or so unban files here for those who need them:

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    Hey thanks so much for this! I've been enjoying it for months but now I'm banned again

    I've tried making a new account on the console and a new online account but it still says this account cant go online

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again

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    you need to use the new version, it will work for you cause works for me, unless you have a certain version of rebug i've heard, i think its 431, stay away from treyarch servers, lol

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    Hey guys made a new link for the 4.21/4.30 Non black screen fix version, please update the thread if possible.

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    Mar 2012
    hi guy i heard about a 0.3 version but i can't get it... can you please help me to download it? thanks in advance!

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    ilovehc... this download works for rebug 421 and rogero 430... password is DeneoNGU to download it

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    Mar 2012
    thanks but nothing to do... i've tried to press first [ ] then start and finally X, when i try to login in my account it says that is blocked.
    i tried to create a new account from my brother's user but it says that there are too many account in my console (just mine O.o)

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    make an account on your pc and sign in as existing user, make sure you make a new ps3 account id too

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