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    because its treyarch and others that inform sony of the ps3id then all sony have to do is ban the 1 id and it banns everyone thats using it.. then you get awsome guys like deano who say sony and release another within hours, i personally find it amusing that treyarch and sony are like big children.

    please sony ban this one because they are using a mod and have cfw, and are using our servers, they need to grow the heck up. if it wasn't for mods and cfw i wouldn't have a ps3 or buy cod titles, rant over thanks for listening

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    m3w is old so not a lot usually playing in it, its also a call of duty game that uses treyarch servers, and since you chose to write that in this forum subject, not sure why, i will say that treyarch servers will get you banned and this version of unban banned

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    please re up the link for both mediafire link for 4.30 unban thanks.

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    Can anyone say how to do this on rogero 4.30? step by step. because it won't work for me. Please reply.

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    Hey guys sorry about the dead links, Mediafire gave me three strikes on my account for these things, i will have to do some new links, but give us a bit because I am lazy right now. Also for anyone that may need it, I am working on an unbanner for DEX Firmware.

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    Deano i have a banned silver ps3 slim i will actually help you to unban it for me can you hook a brother up ?

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    Oh right, anyone please help. Everytime I turn on that deneo's m8 unban i get a freaking blackscreen! Please help

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    Hey mate, are you on the new rebug firmware? If so, it doesn't work on there Sorry. If not, I am unsure as to why. Though I have heard on some PS3's it doesn't work on 1080p, so give it a try, go to Display Settings > HDMI > Untick any of the following- 1080p, 1080i, 720p and tick the lowest one, and it should work. If it does, just go through the unban process and go back and change it to 1080p again, unfortunately you may have to do this each time you reboot your PS3.

    Hey man, add my skype and I will talk there.

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    So this don't work with rebug 4.30? I played Bo2 once and only after that I saw someone saying that we can't play that game online cause we get banned, Now i wont be able to play dust 514 since i'm going to get banned...

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    does psn still work on a 3.55 dex mfw? if so, can anybody point me into the right direction how to? with change_idps from ps3ita it does not, at least not for me

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