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  1. #351
    JayzoRz Guest
    does it overwrite your originial id?

  2. #352
    yoyoma Guest


    ahh how i love the hacking community. So smart, So helpful, So on top of their game

    No sarcasm intended. hackers are the future!!!

  3. #353
    JayzoRz Guest
    so it doesn't overwrite your original id?

  4. #354
    Verceti87 Guest
    Okay finally got this to work thanks to the community , the accounts i played bo2 on are confirmed not working though, oh well i'll just stay off this overated game

  5. #355
    no prob

  6. #356
    spewfr Guest
    Confirmed Working on 4.21.1 Rebug CECH-2001A.

  7. #357
    stvnwk11 Guest
    How come it takes sony so long to patch these and someone else to circumvent it only a couple of days?

  8. #358
    scott7seven Guest
    i think sony gets a list of banns together then drops the hammer all at once, they can create an update of unban with a good console id

  9. #359
    Starchild2k Guest
    I totally agree with ya!

  10. #360
    MiNDTH3G4P Guest
    is MW3 servers are down ?

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