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    needs a new console id each time, pretty sure if he sees people rnt using them carefully and they go fast, will probably just say its useless to update

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    how do you change console id

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    Great going guys! A definite move in the right direction.

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    like this, but have to be on 355:

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    i made a new account on my computer and i still can't get it to work on rog 2.05 4.30

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    I think it meant a new account on your PS3, since, you know, you've been banned from PSN once before with that PSN ID

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    You must create new acc PSN and new acc on your PS3

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    i did the same i created a new one and still cant in, saying.. access to sony entertainment network from this system has been banned or temporarily suspended, how can i bypass this

    never mined i got it to work thank you

    hey make sure you run the unban and hit square if your using rogero 430-205 thats what i did

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    How'd you get it to work?

    yes i did that

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    make sure your running this unban UP0001-NOBAN_00-0000000000000000-430.pkg

    you will have to run it every time you reboot, just noticed that

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