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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    yigal33 Guest

    works on rogero 4.30 tested!!!

    3.55 Version: (Password: DeneoNGU)
    Rebug v4.21 / Rogero V4.30 Compatibility fixed: (Password: DeneoNGU)

    3.55 Version:
    Rebug v4.21 / Rogero V4.30 Compatibility fixed:

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    It still works on rogero cfw 4.30 v2.05, my friends are back from the abyss! If it's an account ban you need make a new account!

    The permanent solution requires you change your console id (dis case psid) in flash!

    Treyarch servers use final kill spy/cam + can record the whole game, o.0 this caused the ban for us but we are modders so dunno about everyone else.

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    ltfk93 Guest


    Could you tell me how to do this? i tried psidpatch 1.5 but it will only let me change the console id when i insert text file, but not the psid
    also i know what gets me banned from psn, it happens once u go in to prestige mode. went in to it both times and got banned 2 times, only difference now is the console got banned as well.

    my friend playing bo2 for 1 month now but he never went prestige and it still works fine with psn But why back to the request, could you help me out with psid change?

    whole game, o.0 this caused

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    stvnwk11 Guest
    I launched multiman 4.18.00 whilst signed in on 3.55 and nothing happened baleedat.

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    mitsimatsimoto Guest
    does psn still work on 3.55? too bad not for dex

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    IceManXMBMod Guest
    its working great on rebug 4.21.2 cfw thank you so much 0x00

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    itfk93 you need to flash your nand/nor with a different psid if ban is from psid.

    You can find the offsets in dump or w/e method, I believe what you're using allows /dev_usb/psid.txt to change psid <~not permanent.

    My ban came from gold boots, we don't use stat mods Dx! Things is it was prvt match, guess maybe no so prvt..?

    I don't know if this cause of the most recent ban hammer just was for us.

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    Starchild2k Guest
    For users that have been on BO2 there was most likely a account ban along with the console id being banned in order to make PS_UNBAN to work you must first create a new account on the ps3 and once that has been done you can either create a psn account on your ps3 or with a pc.

    I also noticed that I was still having issues with this app working even with the Black Screen fix, so I decided to take a look at the 3.55 PKG and I went ahead and fixed the Param.SFO and I made the resolution set only for 480 and I changed the APP Version from 69.69 to 01.00 and I renamed it back to PS_UNBAN_V0.2.1. I forgot to mention in the Param.SFO I made the Firmware Version set for 3.60 I also resigned the eboot.bin file to work with 4.xx CFW and I used a package.conf set for gamedata and ran the command "make_package_npdrm package.conf NOBAN0000" in a cmd prompt.

    Once the PKG was created I deleted the version that I first tried on my ps3 and installed my fixed version and wouldn't you know it the black screen was gone and I was able to correctly use this as like the last edition that was released. I am currently on REBUG 4.30 with the REBUG MODE (<----4.31 SPOOFER) selected in REBUG TOOLBOX. I hope this information was useful for people that might still be having issues with this homebrew. I also hope this clears up everyone's questions about still not being able to get online even when PS_Unban is working correctly.

    I would suggest that if you do play BO2 I wouldn't use any of the cheats (BO2 SELF BUILDER) while playing online also if you do still want to use the SELF BUILDER its very important that you DISABLE your internet connection because even though your not logged into PSN BO2 still sends information to the treyarch servers that you have been cheating and once you do log in your account will be banned even if you disabled the cheats you first used.

    Trust me this is very useful information because I noticed once I tested the SELF BUILDER for BO2 I played one game offline and it ended my game with a error the same type of error you get in the game when you have been banned. This error only happened once and yes my internet connection was still enabled. I also tried this on another ps3 with a different account and the same thing happened. The one major thing I forgot to add use only the STEALTH VERSION of MULTIMAN when playing BO2!

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    scott7seven Guest
    if you play on treyarch servers period u'l get banned, so if people are gonna continue to do it, wont be long before this version of unban doesnt work either

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    Starchild2k Guest
    yes I totally agree but I would worry about it because I am sure there will be future version of this to come out!

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