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    Worked on 3.55 kmeaw with 4.31 spoof

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    its not work on rogero 4.30 v2.05

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    ITS SAY {THIS DOES NOT WORK ON 4.31 CFW} dont you READ cfw rogero 4.30 v2.xx is spoofed to 4.31 learn to read

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    Awesome... Welcome back guys...

    i have 4 bricked ps3s (ylod, waninkoko, etc) when i get the dumps, i will provide them to keep this app alive!

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    How i can use this? downgrade to Rebug 4.21? want to play online -.-

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    keep this app alive? the app would serve better if we could inject our own new console id's because with everyone using the same damn id im pretty sure we all will be banned in less then 2 weeks

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    How do you get "new" console ID's?

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    It does work on rogero 4.30 v2.05

    Quote Originally Posted by ecw View Post
    How do you get "new" console ID's?
    Yeah I would like to know this too, can you get it from a nor/nand dump?
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    Are you sure it works on 4.30 v2.05 rogero? ive tried it now and it just wont work tried this on rebug 4.21 too but no luck guess i'll have to stick with the ofw and wait for turn when i wanna play online -.-

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    it works on rogero 430, you need a new psn id, make it on the pc if u have to, and yea id stay away from any game on treyarch servers, also make sure you dont have psn running when using any homebrew, i actually disable internet unless about to play a game, but i load the game from mm first, b4 i enable internet and then go into the game and into psn, then when out of the game i sign out and disable internet, im not sure what sony can see from just being on the internet

    if you notice, the "whats new" tab is showing you things from sony when your not even signed into psn, so sony is still there as long as internet is on, i also disable internet b4 shutting the ps3 down and dont enable it till i need it, i run unban as soon as i can when starting up, as i think it hides the console id or something, not sure
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