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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    ShadowSkates Guest
    the PS_Unban v0.2.1 is patched

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    can anyone help with unban files they seem to be password locked i cant get them

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    ChaosZero112 Guest
    Password was posted in the post. "DeneoNGU"

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    motorman Guest
    yes it does

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    thank you

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    HIpakalolo Guest
    I think it's patched. Using Rogero 4.30 v1.00 and I couldn't even create a new psn account. Still banned.

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    snos2 Guest
    it still works just tried it on rebug 4.21.1

    If the unban is not working for you try create a new account as it could be your account they banned and not the console and please stay away from bo2

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    can someone please direct me to a guide on how to remove regero 430-205 would to take it back to factory default.. i was going to try to do the recovery method not sure if that would work.. thank you

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    jackkiej Guest
    Great! it works!

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    digori2009 Guest
    Where i can see, which CFW Rogero Version i have? I'm on Roger v.2.03 i think...

    I got banned yesterday. And cant use the Ps3Unban 0.21 its Patched/fixed or cant use on Rogero v.2.03

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