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    Junior Member kiki1234's Avatar
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    is it possible to react that account?

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    Confirmed Working on 4.30.1 Rebug! Thx a lot
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    i'm on rogero 430 203, anyone confirm it works on 430 205? was gonna upgrade

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    works for me on 4.31

    only for 1 user though..? the other is still banned

    its not working for me. i'm on 4.31 rogero. the letters are huge, i can only see about a quarter of the screen. but still, i push square. it doesn't work though.. anyone else get this or have a solution?
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    rogero doesnt have a 4.31, latest is 4.30 2.05 i believe, sure you dont mean rebug?, anyway, try running it when you first start up and push square

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    i think your right, i think its 4.30 but anyway i tried running it on startup and pushing square but it still didn't work whats going on?

    does this only work on console bans? i think my account was banned, not the console... is that why its not working?

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    yea, its for console banns, if your accounts banned its not unbanable... you have to make a new psn account

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    i installed the rogero 4.30-205 but my console system info says 431 after the install, can i still use the unban pkg

    i also tried to make a new account and the console gives me error cant create no more accounts on this console..
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    you have to make the new account from a computer.

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    thanks, but why those it say 431 under system info its 430-205 is that a spoof included?


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