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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    scousetomo Guest
    no idea about that mate i just knew from the last one to press square for 4.30 so were good to go also 3.55 here is the link for that

    a link for 3.55 users

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    MiNDTH3G4P Guest
    All the accounts that I played BO1, 2 with are banned, if you want to avoid your main account being banned don't play any of black ops games.

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    scott7seven Guest
    i would stay away from any game using treyarch servers, i think thats where get recorded and banned

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    bendoverdarling Guest
    i tried the 4.30 version and it works on my rebug 4.21.2, thx a lot!

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    IceManXMBMod Guest
    please help me to get unban on rebug 4.21 and i was used ps_unban v0.2 tool and sony still banned me!! any idea

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    daivyphuong Guest

    PS_Unban v0.2.1 Fixed, New PS3 Console ID for 3.55 / 4.21 / 4.30 CFW

    Following up on the previous revision, today deneo24 of NGU has made available PS_Unban v0.2.1 fixed, which includes a new PS3 console ID for 3.55, 4.21 and 4.30 CFW users followed by v0.3 below.

    Download: PS_Unban v0.2.1 for 3.55 / PS_Unban v0.2.1 for 4.21 / 4.30 / PS_Unban v0.2.1 for 4.21 / 4.30 (Mirror) / PS_Unban v0.2.1 for 4.21 / 4.30 Blackscreen Fix (ONLY IF YOU HAVE BLACKSCREEN WITH ORIGINAL) - Downloads Password: DeneoNGU / PS_Unban v0.3 (3.55-4.21/4.30 CFW) by deneo24 (Mirror) / PS_Unban v0.3 (3.55 Version) / PS_Unban v0.3 (3.55 Version) (Mirror) / PS_Unban v0.3 Rebug v4.21 / Rogero v4.30 Compatibility Fixed / PS_Unban v0.3 Rebug v4.21 / Rogero V4.30 Compatibility Fixed (Mirror) / PS_Unban v0.3 Rebug v4.21 / Rogero V4.30 Compatibility Fixed (Mirror #2)

    To quote: Hello, I'm giving out a fixed version of PS_Unban I made for you guys I decided to give it out because when the more people are using the same Console ID the better, because there is less chance of your account being banned since they only take one account with it when they ban the ID. Have fun with it while it lasts! Thread WILL be updated with a new one as soon as this ones patched!
    • For some, the app zooms in heaps and you cannot see the full writing, so here are the controls-
    • Press X If you're on 4.21
    • Press START if you're on 3.55
    • Press SQUARE If you're on 4.30


    When this one gets banned, DON'T LOSE HOPE! I HAVE MORE


    I changed the name of the program etc. for the fun of it but probably shouldn't have since really I should have left it as it was, since I didn't create the app itself, just made it work again, so that shall be fixed next upload.

    When this one gets banned I will try and make another one. If some people can donate some WORKING Console ID's so I can make more of these apps, then you will be credited and more will be released! If you want a private build, it will be free but you must provide the Console ID.

    Full Credits to Nullbyte (0x00) For making the homebrew app. I'd just like to emphasize that this would not have been possible without Nullbyte and credits to Insight's Bish for confirming it works. Enjoy guys!

    This is unban 0.2.1 working for me, if you are banned from Sony please create new account on PS3 and PSN.

    [imglink=|PS_Unban v0.2.1 Fixed, New PS3 Console ID for 3.55 / 4.21 / 4.30 CFW][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    tonyqc Guest
    Change your mac address ...

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    Sghimbosa Guest
    Anything working on 4.30.1 Rebug?

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    kiki1234 Guest
    Hello, i have two account on my Ps3. One goes online and the other won't go online (8002A231). Is it a ban? I've tried the unban tool, but it didn't work for me.

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    Sghimbosa Guest
    If the other one can go online, then its just an account ban

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