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    0x00 Guest
    Use the updated 4.21 version (0.1.2) it's at the bottom of the post.


  2. #22
    m477uk Guest
    will the 4.21 pkg work with 4.30 cfw?

  3. #23
    BluRay Guest
    Once I get banned and give this a try I'll make sure to send you support buddy, I've been waiting for an easier unban solution for quite a while (even though I've never been banned). Still need the 4.30 dump? I gotta go now but I'll PM you it later.

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    0x00 Guest
    You won't get banned if you use the tool, because sony wont have your Console ID to ban you


  5. #25
    faquire Guest
    Hi! Is there a way to make sure that sony canīt ban my psn account? The console is not a problem now

  6. #26
    0x00 Guest
    Not publicly..


    Blackscreen error may be fixed.
    Added Rogero 4.30 compatibility.

    No more LV2 dumps needed, I will release soon.


  7. #27
    StealthxMODs Guest
    ah ok

  8. #28
    faquire Guest
    What's the tool you're talking about?

    Sorry for my bad english

  9. #29
    0x00 Guest
    PS Unban, the tool i posted...


  10. #30
    Hakeiil Guest
    I have a problem, i've got a screen with this error code 80710092. A solution please ?

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