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  1. #281
    redman2 Guest
    its not working on rogero 4.30 v 2.05

    but working on rogero 4.30 v 2.03


  2. #282
    Gengis Khan Guest
    New version PS_UNBAN 0.2.1 working 100%

  3. #283
    kalaner Guest
    Are you sure, because it said it was published 12.20.2012

  4. #284
    scousetomo Guest

    here ya go my brothers save you signing up ive just logged in with rogero

    password is ps3pirata

    give a thanks if i helped

  5. #285
    unkoolitz Guest
    never mind

  6. #286
    scousetomo Guest

  7. #287
    kalaner Guest
    It is not working for me!!!

  8. #288
    akodinito Guest
    Thanks for the links. It is working but why is it displaying in 480. The letters are so huge and are not all of it are displayed (not that I'm complaining).

  9. #289
    scott7seven Guest
    its working, i tried it on the ps3 i have banned, main ps3 yet to ever get banned... from what i'm reading this program basically uses a good ps3 id, and all using the program are using that id, so if one person gets banned , everyone using it does??... correct me if i'm wrong cause i'm guessing

  10. #290
    Gengis Khan Guest
    It was published on 12.20.2012 but was updated today.

    You have to create a new PSN account. If you can not try the PS3 for PC

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