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    Banned User andy9292's Avatar
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    no it was someone who got on black ops i know who it was not 4 hours later we were banned but if anybody know where i put my clean psid/cid pm me maybe we can work together.

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    access to sony entertainment network by this account has been banned or temporarily suspended must likely a ban, you can make a account online not on ps3 when unban tool comes out you just enter the id details on ps3 and you should be fine
    Last edited by AK74U; 01-10-2013 at 12:15 AM

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    alrighty i got me a few ps3's so now im goint to get the id's how do i use the clean id's?

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    PS_Unban does not change your mac addy, that should answer your questions about it.

    I'd say stay away from treyarch servers, modders like me have been getting the ban hammer!!

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    he should make his tool where we can put our own cid/psid to users who want private ids

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    you can do it with this tool but you gotta be on 3.55


    it should still work. would be nice if there was a 4.XX version of it.

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    What about toolbox I believe it let you change the psid and Mac address on rogero 4.30 v2.05 cfw , correct me if I'm wrong.

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    thank you very much, run like a charm

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    I've got a couple of ylod fats here and my slim is banned could i use the id s of them and if so do you need tools like a flasher ect


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