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    Banned User andy9292's Avatar
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    give me a guide where to find the id i'll get it and i'm sure it wont get banned because nobody will get on black ops 2 right guys -___-

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    i have a black ops disk, its the first one tho, is that one any more dangerous then any other game for bans, or is it mainly bo 2? i've stayed away from playing it for a long while cause i figure they all use treyarch servers or whatever, and thought that may have something to do with bans

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    i agree andy no black ops 2

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    I agree with you too!

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    i think sony patched it i can't sign in with this tool now !!!

    i got ban error code. i am on rebug rex 4.21

    anyone can confirm it still work !!!

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    i have 1 ps3 banned and one not, the banned one had this tool, it stopped working yea

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    thanks for the quick reply

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    if you got an error code starting with 800xxxxxx it's not a ban it's just the method you go online has been patched unless its says otherwise

    there has been console bans bans for 15th presatge hack on black ops 1 but personally i would stay away from tryarch they think law enforcement agency or somesort
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    no i got access to sony by this account has been banned or suspend and when i try new account i get console ban or suspend

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    anyone heard any news on if there will be a fix?


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