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    I keep getting the "Access To Sony Entertainment Network from this System has been banned or Temporarily suspended" after i delete the account make a new local account on ps3 run app go to pc and make a new psn account then i put the new account info in. do i need to delete every account on the ps3 or just the one i am "replacing" on that ps3?

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    it still works for me bro, i didn't even delete my old account as thats not banned the profile i mean the console is just make sure you are using the latest version

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    yeah, i tried all the tips this morning when i got up. nothing is working. i am on Rogero 4.30 v2.03. does that make a difference?

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    make sure you use that build ( i logged in this morning using that one from about 4 days ago and have used it everyday lately i hope it helps bro i usually get that same crap System has been banned or Temporarily suspended without this sweet piece of software

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    Me too, i can confirm it still work!

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    thanks for all the responses. i love a helpful community when asking for help! i am giving it another try in a few. what messed me up is my 12 year old son got on some homebrew while logged into the psn. he got schooled and not my awesome ps3 just turned into adult only machine lol. they have 2 others in the house to play on.

    could not find the edit button for the post above to add this post. I got it working, i think it was all the other desperate PSid and ConsoleID hacks i had on the system that was conflicting with the app. i got it to work! thanks for all you guys help.

    What I had to do was Quick format my system, unfortunately i did lose all the DLC but i did back up my game saves. Cranked up the PS_Unban then logged in with no prob!

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    good stuff bro, glad your back in the game.. stay away from black ops lol

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    Need a beta tester or 3.55 (rebug) or less preferred, but still workable with: 4.21 (rebug)

    (NOR Console ONLY)


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    I could be a beta tester... But for what? New unban method?

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    is there anyway to make this work on 480 instead of 1080 or whatever?

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