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  1. #201
    kalaner Guest
    No need to create account from your ps3, you can create unlimited accounts if you do it from your pc, easy as it sounds!

  2. #202
    0x00 Guest
    Glad there are no issues up to now.


  3. #203
    orive Guest
    But if your main user with all your trophies and savedatas get banned, could I recover it?


  4. #204
    0x00 Guest
    Trophy's can be transferred to new user, but resigning is needed.


  5. #205
    orive Guest
    Could you explain with more details, please? I don't understand what resigning is needed.


  6. #206
    0x00 Guest
    I don't know the specifics myself, but here is what another user posted:

    "I'm guessing you already have moved your saves over to your new account with the save resigner floating around. Well what about the trophies you ask, here is how to put them on new account.

    Hey just wanted to share something I tried last night after reading a crap ton on ps3 dev wiki. I was pissed that I. Couldn't have my trophies on new account it sucked and made me think.

    What if :

    Dev_hdd0/home/<banned account>/trophy

    Take that trophy folder and transfer it to

    Deb_hdd0/home/<new account>/

    Then rebuilt ps3 database in recovery (takes about 15min)

    Loaded up ps3 and went to my new account and BAM!!! all my trophies are on my new account ^_^

    Can't sync yet though 80022D11 error when synching I'm trying to figure away around it. Might have to find way to resign the tropdat to this user account so psn thinks its legit ^_^

    Step in right direction for transferring all account stuff though ^_^"

    Credit: snkysnake02


  7. #207
    BluRay Guest
    kalaner, trying to unban an account is much more complex than unbanning your console. You'd most likely have to hack Sony servers and unban It yourself and It's very probable that you'll get sued If you do that.

    orive, create the PSN account from the website using PC and you'll be able to create unlimited accounts.

  8. #208
    haseottod Guest
    thank you for creating this. i have never been banned from anything. i'm going to support you for sure to keep this going. trying to get my second post out there so i can pm 0x00

  9. #209
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Hello 0x00.. How about to reset tropdat file information for the new user? because you can sync Trophies with acc never Signed-in to Sony server, it mean (for example when you play offline you win trophies, & when you want to play online you can sync trophies with the server because tropdat file for this user is new)

    i think there is problem in this file too Dev_Flash2/etc/xRegistry.sys!! but i need some help.. (+Rebug Team have the solution but it's not for all)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Guys please keep this thread ON TOPIC, it's NOT for RSOD crap only PS Unban discussion.

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