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  1. #191
    seeman Guest
    hmm cant get it working...

  2. #192
    credentialz Guest
    do not use scene rips... i didn't still not banned

  3. #193
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    But still a problem with the old Trophies in the Banned Accounts.. is there any solution? (+when you find some help 0x00 it never stop for you)

  4. #194
    mandraxx Guest
    C'mon $ony - bans just before Christmas. Have a little heart! For God's sake, you might not even be rolling in more dough if it weren't for CFW. Here are some of the facts:

    1) a lot of CFW users use their CFW for homebrew, not piracy.
    2) those who do download the games end up buying them if they really like them.
    3) access to PSN means access to the store which means more money for you.

    The banhammer will hurt Sony in the long run.

    I managed to avoid the ban for a very long time. It finally caught up to me, just hoping this fix will not be patched, however 0x00 said he'll make a new one if it does get patched. Now that's what I call dedication!

    Even if my console gets banned, hey, it was fun. I got to go online, have a blast. These banhammers are killer - and just for the record, I followed all the rules, even used chaos airbringer, but I still got banned. No cheats, no modifications, no COD, no early leaks, no loading MM before signing in, etc. It's not just cheaters who are getting the banhammer.

    Best way I think - I'm going to wait a bit until sony cools out. Check the scene everyday - if there is a banhammer in effect, don't log on. Wait until it cools down. There seems to have been waves of certain bans at certain times. I think that would be the best way to do it. If they are on a banhammer, it's just not worth logging on.

  5. #195
    BluRay Guest
    mandraxx, from a business perspective It doesn't many any sense to allow CFW users to use their service. CFW allows piracy and makes cheating even easier, not banning those users just because there is a chance that they're just testing pirated games before buying and using CFW just for homebrew is just stupid.

    I like console scenes and I do everything I can to support It, I give donations every now and then and well... I'm a mod here. I try to bring more people into the homebrew world. Even so, I have to be realistic, most people here aren't backing up games, back up implies you own the game, actually, most people aren't testing either, they just want free stuff. Who are we kidding? It's not the OtherOS thread that gets filled with posts, It's the PSN Unban, MultiMan, CFW, basically, things that opens doors to piracy is what gets the most attention, don't you think that means something?

    Sony is right about the banhammer, It reduces the number of cheaters online and makes people actually buy the game.

    As for waiting until "sony cools out", guys, the bans are random. They ban random people during random days. If you're waiting for a magical day that Sony gets all warm and fuzzy inside, well... don't. The banhammer may or may not struck the CFW users. If you want to be 100% sure you won't get banned, get back to OFW.

  6. #196
    ShadowSkates Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSkates View Post
    on CFW regero 4.30 (v1.4) working but can i play blackops 2 and get banned again.. i have been hearing that people get unban and play BO2 and sony banning your ps3 again
    can anyone reply back on this ?!?

  7. #197
    akodinito Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSkates View Post
    can anyone reply back on this ?!?
    I have made a reply to your post. Here's the link if you missed reading it - http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post445576

  8. #198
    orive Guest
    Could anyone unban an account? I have a friend that says that this program has unbanned his account and I don't believe him

    and what happened if sony ban your account with all your trophies and savedatas? You can't recover it, isn't it?


  9. #199
    kalaner Guest
    Right now nobody can unban and PS Uban only unbans your ps3, so there in no way to unban a banned account, so your friend is not right, but i hope someone make that possible, personally i believe it would not take long time until someone make that real, just like what our lovely friend 0x00 did!

  10. #200
    orive Guest
    And if your main user with all your trophies and savedatas get banned, could I recover it? preferably the savedatas

    and if you get 5 accounts banned, you can't create another one, don't it? How can you create another one?


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