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  1. #11
    miha924 Guest
    its working on 4.30 rogero??

  2. #12
    Serba Guest
    need this too on cfw 4.30 !!!

  3. #13
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    For those seeking it on 4.30, if anyone has a good 4.30 LV2 dump send 0x00 a message HERE and then he said he will add 4.30 support.

  4. #14
    1aco Guest
    yea not working on rogero ...tested myself...

  5. #15
    0x00 Guest
    People you can try dumping lv2 via Rebug toolbox on rogero, or Multiman for those who know how to, I can't do anything without offsets, and i cannot personally be bothered with upgrading and downgrading all the time, sorry.


  6. #16
    StanSmith Guest
    I can confirm it does unban a console but it doesn't unban an account.

  7. #17
    0x00 Guest
    Which FW did you test on?


  8. #18
    StanSmith Guest
    Rebug 4.21REX

  9. #19
    abdullah2320 Guest
    Not work with rogero 4.21 v1.9 error code 8001003d

    also rebug rex same thing ! Help!

  10. #20
    seeman Guest
    i'm trying this... do i need a new account?

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