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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    jmas Guest
    m477uk (my id on psn is banned,only my id) can you explain how you retrieve your older id, you create a new user on ps3 and use your psn id (the banned one) is that it

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    kalaner Guest
    If your psn account is banned there is nothing you can do, PS-Uban only remove the ban from your PS3 System, so make a new PSN account from your pc and when you install ps-uban on you ps3 run it and then use your new account which you created from the pc and now you can login into PSN without any problem, but a banned account is impossible to get Unbanned!!!

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    0x00 Guest
    ^ Correct.


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    Sasa455 Guest
    i can confirm the app. is working .. but is the ban is still on the ps3

    msg. appear when i try to sign in or sign up

    sony entertainment network has banned your account or temporarily suspended.

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    0x00 Guest
    Make sure your using latest version...

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    Sasa455 Guest
    i'm using rogero 4.30 2.3 and your App ver. 0.2 For 4.30

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    0x00 Guest

    Anyone wanting private version that will take longer to ban, pm me to donate for it...


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    ecw Guest
    Awesome work my friend. Thank you so much. You deserve some for taking the time to help many, many people. Worked for me with banned system using unbanned account on Rogero 2.03. I will help and hope many others will too. Thanks again!

    0x00 do you have a paypal account? Please PM me.

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    0x00 Guest
    Be appreciated mate.


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    kalaner Guest
    I wonder how does it work?

    I mean let say i use ps-unban and when i am online and get banned, so can i unban my ps3 and go online?

    BTW, 0x00 Send me your paypal i would love to have the private file too!

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