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    Dec 2012
    wont work on cfw 4.30 e3

    ps3 model is slim 120gb 2001a

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    my ps3 is banned but acct isnt on 4.30 rogero help pls

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    works great for me on rebug 4.21! ty so much!

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    looks like 4.30 users sol lol

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    Jan 2011
    bendoverdarlin can explain what you done? I have the sam firmware and it wont work for me.


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    Not working for me on 4.21 rebug either. I install PSUnban, open the app and click X, then it boots back to XMB and i try to create a new PSN account and I still get the message that the system is banned.

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    for some reason the retarded dongle cfw won't allow the unban tool to take effect, even though the tool works fine with Keamw 3.55 CFW.. so for those who are on it, just go back to Kmeaw and have fun while it lasts.

    cheers 0x00

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    my steps - install pkg, run pkg, press x. done. my main psn account was banned but i had another one set up anyways.

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    is this only for banned consoles? if i'm not banned, can this prevent me from getting banned?

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    Nov 2012
    Yes it can prevent you from getting banned.


    Make sure you guys are using the latest 4.21 version if you aren't being UNBANNED on 4.21...

    PS-Unban 0.2 (4.21) - working

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