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    mecenefeaa Guest

    PS64: PJ64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Port for PS3 WIP

    A new Team has joined the PS3 hacking community, Team Beem-C. Our team includes me, Mecenefeaa, and Hillbull. We are new to this so we will not be realising things right away, but right now we are working on PS64. A port of PJ64 to the PS3. We will try to keep major features or PJ64 in the port plus some extras.
    • Cheats
    • Save games
    • Custom Controlls
    • 4 player support
    • Support of every N64 rom availible
    • And N64 controller support

    If the rom you've tried with it doesn't work then email us and well try to fix it as best we can. Also N64 controller support needs two things: 1 or more WORKING N64 controllers, and a N64 usb adapter. Our website is under maintanence at the moment and will be up ASAP.


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    Mbb Guest
    Woow if you really can bring the N64 emulator to the PS3 that would make my PS3 complete!!! Good luck and you'll have all my support. Im a big N64 fan (Super Mario 64+Mario Party 2 in the old days oh yeah!)

    If I may ask, is this version 1.6 or 1.7? I thought they didn't releases sources of that right?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I moved this to the PS3 hacks section for discussion now, and I will promote it to the Site News as soon as more details are available such as pictures, a video, POC or a release etc.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    Always a pleasure to hear great news with the promise of better news to come! I love my N64's and don't play them anymore because they look terrible on modern TVs and I only liked a few anyway. It might be worth it if we could harness the power of the multi-threaded cell to emulate each piece of N64 hardware on a different SPU and get proper up scale and filtering going with 1080P output.

    I would also like to see if audio filtering and up-sampling would be possible on games with MP3 encoded audio like "Conker's bad fur day" and "perfect dark". This looks promising for games like Mario 64 but I am not sure if a suitable frame rate could be achieved for resource intensive games like the two previously mentioned above. I sure hope It can!

    I used to mod my physical game paks like 007 with semi permanent mods that saved to the eeprom. This takes me back. I still have my N64 shark link PC to Game$hark cable and wonder if an internal Game$hark like memory editor could be added to the emulator with FTP support for good measure.

    Good luck to the developers working on this! I sincerely hope progress on this goes well and wish them the best. This will kick A$$.

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    beansta Guest
    wow now this is good news.

    hopefully in the future this could be plugin based so that we could use plugins that we prefer (such as N'Rages Dinput plugin, currently the only input plugin that supports transfer pak emulation for pokemon stadium/2)

    good work

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    Justin121994 Guest


    Isn't project64 closed source..?

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    Brian10122 Guest
    I'm pretty sure if you have access to 1.7 you get the source. (You have to give $10 or something I think) so I'm hoping this is a port of 1.7.

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    Bloodmaker19705 Guest
    Not includeing the usual things you would want in a nintendo 64 emulator for ps3, the one thing id really like to have is support for the video plugins that enable hd texture loading i myself would be ecstatic lol and able to use glide 64 napalm plugin as in my personal opionion and experience.

    its texture compression options is the best giving me almost perfect emulation speed in games that rices plugin didn't. net play would be a da-mn good bonus haven't played goldeneye in years but add online and i'm in lol. (these are the things i thought when i was playing N64 games on my xbox lol limited hardware sucks )

    oh and one more thing i just noticed this was posted a day ago lol i remember about 2 weeks ago i was like where in the heck is the N64 emulator at or how long till i get my hands on the .pkg big ups man im sure you will do go we will see!

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    urisma Guest
    I hate to be a skeptic, but...
    Quote Originally Posted by mecenefeaa View Post
    [*]Support of every N64 rom availible
    isn't very probable. I don't doubt the validity of these guys' goals, but they did say they were new at it. Emulation isn't the easiest thing in the whole world, especially not the N64. I don't think Project64 has any dynarec backend besides x86, which would be another problem. Writing one from scratch wouldn't be as hard as making one for x86, since both systems are RISC, but it would still take a lot of work. I'm not sure if an interpreter would be fast enough for the n64, even on ps3.

    Anyway, good luck devs! If you wanna port a PPC backend, I know that the PCSX project has one. You can find the code in the PS3SX svn tree on google code.

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    miseryguts Guest
    Just like to wish the team the very best of luck with this, and to say thank you for attempting it, as you are no doubt aware the N64 is, how can i put it politely.. "challenging" to emulate properly as others have already mentioned if you could achieve this with support for the texture packs/plugins & texture enhancements.. it's safe to say you would be making a lot of people (incl myself.. Sin & Punishment nuff said!) very happy..

    Cheers guys, looking forward to hearing of further developments.

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