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Thread: PS64: PJ64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Port for PS3 WIP

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    Tangier Guest
    Exactly! We would all love this to be real but i see nothing which proves it, the pish poor vids don't show proof in anyway and of course there is those 132 stars. Hope i'm wrong but this "emu" is nothing more than bollocks.

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    blinkdragonid Guest
    Cant everyone just shut up! If its real, GREAT keep up the good work. If its not, a N64emu will happen eventually from somebody. if the wii can do it the ps3 can do it better!

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    863dj Guest
    i knew it would only be time before someone would make one. THUMBS UP !!!

    hooray for goldeneye on ps3!

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    Mbb Guest
    Make a video with pressing the PS button while playing, and put the camera so we can see the whole screen, also a better camera would be nice, or just record with a dvd/hd recorder.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Huzzah! It's a shame the Gamecube emulator announced a while back hasn't seen any development.

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    AugustSKY Guest
    This is confirmed Fake. Everyone saying "Have a little hope", It's confirmed Fake 100%.

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    whompus60 Guest
    Who confirmed and how?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    lol how do you confirm a fake? You should be asking has anyone at all confirmed it's real.

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    whompus60 Guest
    That kinda what my question was. How does one confirm fake? When I see 100% confirmed I would like to know who did it and how.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    well I can tell you the videos are fake, all three are cut after the 'emu' is loaded from the xmb which is obvious from the light shift, fading differences and position of the camera in relation to the screen.

    that's not proof the project is fake, it's just likely it is, but the videos certainly are.

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