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Thread: PS64: PJ64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Port for PS3 WIP

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    fudgelmir Guest
    Uhhhh why not wait and post something we can use instead of a crappily filmed video -_-

    votes fake..

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    Wow I mean Im excited and all but couldn't someone on the dev team afford even a dazzle to capture the video? lol. a cellphone camera sucks for this very reason but other than my ranting and complaining, i am very happy for the devs to have brought this to life, it's an amazing homebrew idea/concept and deployment. can't wait to test this out officially.

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    Colnechris Guest
    Who cares how crap the video is.

    Even a HD none shakey video could be faked. Maybe he simply doesnt care less what phone he has and is still rocking a VGA camera or maybe his phones so old its made up mostly of dust and the lends is a mess.

    Or maybe hes more interested in getting it done than becoming a hollywood movie director?

    Good work anyway, will grab this for the sake of having it. Still hoping for a psx and possibly a saturn emulator. Would be great if one of these devs could make a PC emulator if its even possible. Wouldnt mind playing my Football Manager on my PS3 ha.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    it's not really the shakeyness though it's the obvious cuts on all 3 videos as soon as the screen goes black after selecting an app from the xmb. The videos have 100% been sliced together.

    and a PC emulator?? lol

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    onenut Guest
    BS plain and simple.

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    severusx Guest
    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's real. Everyone said the same things about the videos of the first PSJailbreak device and look where we are now. It would be nice if you could grab a $20 webcam and use that to film though, just so everyone who has doubts could get this cleared up. Also like barrybarryk says, please post one continuous shot, even if you are getting error messages or having trouble with it, we understand it's still an alpha/WIP. Thanks for your work and for bringing us the first look at it!

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Im hoping this comes together. I would really love to see a good N64 emu on the ps3.

    that said, Im also abit sceptical. not because of the quality of the video but because of the reasons barrybark pointed out.
    If this does see the light of day, Ill be one of the 1st to congratulate the devs for their hard work. From what Ive heard it will be hard work porting code from an x86 platform.

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    132 stars on Mario 64? I thought there was only 120??

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    Stefanot04 Guest
    When is this going to work? i mean an estimated time of release? thanks

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    fiaasyt0 Guest
    I believe it's real. I don't believe we have seen any fake postings around for a while? barrybarryk do you consider that they edited the video to NOT show them having to ftp their settings and load up things, which would make the video more lengthy and boring,so they cut it down to showing them running something instead of the whole thing? thats my input. props to the devs and hackers that made all of this possible.

    p.s. ps3 being hacked is the holy grail... people need to learn to appreciate the hard work of these people.

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