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Thread: PS64: PJ64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Port for PS3 WIP

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    TitaniumL Guest
    Yea, I'd recommend using the ppc version as well.

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    Nice work fellas. I've been waiting on this for the Xbox 360 since it was on Xbox 1. Sadly no one has done it yet so I'm pretty pumped for this release. No matter how long it takes to get it 100% right.
    Quote Originally Posted by TitaniumL View Post
    Yea, I'd recommend using the ppc version as well.
    I concur.

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    1puleboy Guest
    That's music to ears, knowing that you guys are working on an N64 emulator for the ps3. I still have my N64 console that i've bought back in 1996, but I don't play it anymore because it does not work properly. Fifteen years old now this system, I've played some good games then, which was mario 64, wave race 64, killer instints gold etc. just to drop a few.

    This system was ahead of its time, due to the graphic precision that it showed even in 3D. Anyway, I thank you guys for working on that N64 emulator, your work will be appreciated by many... peace!

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Just saw this. Really hope the team can pull through and release something good.

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    grimloch Guest
    Goldeneye, Mariokart 64 [NetPlay], Zelda, etc... on the PS3 would be epic.

    I was just reading a related thread on the P64 forums that's a bit discouraging:

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    Sostanco Guest

    Big Grin

    I wanna play Mari64 again!

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    shummyr Guest
    this is great, I can't wait until you guys show off your awesome homebrew

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    yeah, its going to be epic on my end at least, haha.

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    Quake3000 Guest
    Great to hear about this project can't wait for the result Keep it up!!!

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    blackoutworm Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by urisma View Post
    isn't very probable.
    Yes it is. Have you ever tried Mupen64 on linux? every N64 rom I have ever tried works like a charm. Everything from Mario64, RR64, Duke 3D, Hexen and so on. So it's very possible.

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