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Thread: PS64: PJ64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Port for PS3 WIP

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    Foo Guest
    Yeah, as Josh said. There is an N64 Emulator for PSP already and the PS3 is in capability to emulate PSP EBOOTs.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    could daedalus possibly be rebuilt? i think a few pages back someone suggested it cause it was open source. i imagine since it is psp, it wouldn't need too much tweaking

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    Foo Guest
    It could. That'd be a lot to do though.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i don't code/develop, so idk. i just kinda know porting is a lil less work than starting from scratch

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    Foo Guest
    Well I'm not big on C++

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i think we need a better way to communicate if we can only pm every 5 minutes... anyways, that's fine. you're doing something at least and that's great cause it's progress. even if you can't figure it out, you did/are try(ing)

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    Foo Guest
    IRC chat?

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    if this site has a link (i don't have mIRC), i would be happy to join

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    Foo Guest
    If you go to and join the channel #FJdisc

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    tajahn nunley Guest

    anybody got Nintendo 64 on ps3 working?

    has anybody heard anything about nin64 progress on the ps3? That will be awesome man.

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